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About The Wharf Fishery

Bute East Dock (affectionately known as The Wharf), was opened in 1859 and was in-use until 1970. In the 1980’s, redevelopment of the area brought various housing developments and businesses including The Cardiff Council Headquarters which looks directly over the dock.

In 2018, The Wharf Fishery (formerly the Wharf Angling Club) gained long term fishing rights to The Wharf and has invested a great deal of time improving not just the Fishery but also the surrounding area.

Originally we set out to change the status quo of Welsh Carp fishing, and we are now seeing more and more anglers travelling here to fish from England.

Today we are home to Wales’ largest Carp known as Ebenhaezer, which last time out weighed a whopping 47lb 2oz. The originals and stockies are packing on the weight and have made this famous urban venue a very exciting place to cast a line.

Tight lines and Wharf on


  • Full details & diagram to help find free parking to follow
  • Parking at the weekends: Use council parking.
  • Mid week is more awkward as there is building work and office workers. There are some free spaces dotted about and as you get to know the area and other anglers you’ll get to know these. Worst case scenario park in the red dragon centre for as long as you want and validate your ticket by spending £6 inside

History of The Wharf

Special thank to James Brewer of the Atlantic Wharf Residents’ Association for allowing us to use this content.

Picture 1:  Bute East Dock in 1883. The East Dock was officially opened in 1859 and this is how it looked in April 1883.

Picture 2:  Bute East Dock in 1947. This second photo from 1947 shows more clearly how the East Dock originally connected through to the other docks at the south end. The Bonded Warehouse can be seen in the distance at the top end.

Picture 3:  The north end of Bute East Dock in the early 1980s. This photo shows the Bonded Warehouse and the old trolley bus scrap yard which was in the north east corner. The warehouse to the right was later gutted by a fire and was then demolished to make way for the Central Link road.

Picture 4:  Bute East Dock in 1977. This photo shows the old trolley bus scrap yard which was located in the north east corner.

Picture 5:  Bute East Dock in 1921. Note the position of the Bonded Warehouse being more towards the centre of the top end. The Bonded Warehouse is in the same position today – but the dock area to the right of the Bonded Warehouse was later reclaimed/filled in during the 1980s in order to put the Central Link road next to the steelworks.

Picture 6:  Bute East Dock in 1989. A children’s show outside the recently completed County Hall. Note County Halls fountains in operation in the background and how on show the steelworks is, as the trees would have only just been planted.

Picture 7:  Bute East Dock in the early 1980s. The warehouse to the right of the photo was later demolished to make way for the Central Link road.

The Boat

The barge was owned by the Brains brewery as a feature next to the Wharf pub and restaurant in the dock. The boat later sunk and needed to be lifted out with a crane.