The Wharf Lake Rules


The following rules have been decided by The Wharf Fishery. Please read and observe these rules, if you believe that these rules are not appropriate then please do not apply for membership.

If you infringe them, the management reserves the right to suspend or terminate your licence to fish The Wharf, or otherwise to deal with you as is considered appropriate.

Please follow The Wharf Fishery’s Code of Conduct, especially with regard to fish welfare: handling, the retaining of fish and “killer” rigs.

The management reserves the right to add to and/or amend the rules from time to time, and will notify you of any changes.

Fishing directly outside of County Hall is NOT allowed from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. You are not allowed to set up a bivvy during these times. Fishing this area during the no fishing period will result in an instant warning. Where the council steps meet the new flats is okay.

Anyone under the age of 18 need to be accompanied by an adult

BARBLESS HOOKS ONLY – expect rig checks

NO fishing the fountains area

NO fishing the canal feeders

NO fishing the square.

“Fish at all costs” – Fish welfare comes before hooking them… If you are fishing over thick weed beds with little hope of landing them then do not fish for them. Please do be upset if you’re asked to reel in a rod.

Permit holders are entitled to fish the water for the period for which their permit applies, except for dates when the fish are spawning. Such dates will be posted on the members page.

Fishing opposite each other – the person who was there first commands 2/3 of the water, therefore leaving 1/3 to the angler who has just arrived.

NO fishing over weedbeds

A single angler may fish with a maximum of three rods provided that he/she is in possession of the appropriate E.A. licences.

No swims may be altered without the consent of a bailiff.

Climbing of trees is not permitted.

No rowing boats of any description are allowed on the water other than the authorised use of a boat by the bailiffs in the course of their duties.

Strictly no wading. The dock bottom is very unpredictable. Work parties – If waders are required for maintenance work, then people are to work in pairs.

Please leave a minimum of 1.5m gap on the pathway so that pedestrians with pushchairs can pass. This 1.5m rule also applies to the business shop fronts underneath the columns. Please do not be upset if you are asked to re-pitch your bivvy.

Take all litter home, anglers are responsible for any potential litter found in their chosen swim.

NO urinating up walls.

All anglers must carry and use a good quality unhooking mat. Most cradle, beanie bag & combi style mats are perfect. Please do not be upset if told to buy a more suitable unhooking mat. Anglers must also be in possession of a weigh sling and antiseptic treatment. Sacking of fish is permitted for a maximum of 1/2 hour.

Carp Care Kits – every angler must have one

The mass use of nut baits is not permitted, any use of nuts including hookbaits is only permitted under the approval of management.

No guns, crossbows or weapons of any kind are allowed on the property.

No open fires to be lit on the property.

No swims can be reserved by any means. Anglers considered to be reserving swims, especially communicating by mobile phone with anglers not already at the lake, risk being banned from the fishery.

While you’re fishing: Unruly or abusive behaviour (verbal or physical) between individuals or groups of anglers, towards the fishery management property or personnel, other wharf users or members of the public will be deemed to be a gross rule infringement. All members must (at the discretion of the bailiff) conduct themselves in a sportsman-like manner, with respect to all dock users, and observe good angling etiquette.

An angler may be absent from his/her swim for a maximum of 4 hours and off site for a maximum of 2 hours in any 24hr period. Please note: stalking whilst occupying a permanent swim is allowed with one rod only and only when space permits. This must not interfere with another anglers fishing and is allowed at the bailiff’s discretion.

No angler’s baited rods must be left unattended. This includes ‘walking out’ of lines to clip up, if other lines remain in the water. It is not acceptable to leave rods under the control of another angler who is already fishing.

Wound-in rods must not be left unattended without the hook bait being removed.

All leaders are banned which includes all leadcore, safety zone and fluro leaders  (ie no knot above the hooklink), tubing is optional

All leads must be on a lead drop off system , lead clips are fine. The only exception to this rule is running leads, which must have no bolt rig setup stops above the lead.

The management shall have the right to inquire into, and take the appropriate action in the event of an alleged infringement of the rules in accordance with the current bailiff guidelines, which are published on the fishery website.

Rule infringements. Annual permits holders warned for rule breaking could have their permit withdrawn.

Random checks will be made with regard to permits, memberships, licences, rigs and bait. Please do not take offence if you are asked for a rig check by a bailiff.

Your permit remains the property of The Wharf Fishery and is non-transferable.

Should you lose your permit a replacement will be supplied following payment of a 5 Pound administrative fee.

All permit holders are expected to attend at least one work party out of the planned yearly work schedule.




We are allowed 5 cars up the end of the little car park, which is where we tend to park anyway. You MUST place a sign in the dashboard / windscreen making it clear you are an angler.

We can not abuse this and you should always check when parking that we have not met the quota of 5 already.

Other mid week options could be the hotel when quiet, the free spaces that are scattered about, or the council offices if past 5pm.



Consider the columns like an L-shape

ONE angler only on the end section under the columns

ONE angler under the columns down from the small car park.

BITE ALARMS – volume on sounder box only, no more full volume alarms.

URINATING – in a bucket only, no more urinating up any walls (basically all of the hotel bank this is essential)

SOCIALISING – if you are expecting guests then do not fish there. The resident will be sending us photos if noise levels get too high. Your guests are your responsibility…

SHOUTING – if you can’t land a fish on your own then go home.

MAX STAY ON THE DOCK – 1 week, no return to the wharf for 5 days


4 days, after which you cannot move on to the peg next door or opposite for the remainder of your session.


Double takes are more than possible at the Wharf, so leaving sounder boxes with your pal in the peg next door is not allowed.

The Wharf is one of the snaggiest places you will ever fish and feel a 30 yard limit is limit okay. We recommend going half way between pegs to socialise and take photos of fish.

As a rule of thumb 2 lamp posts is approximately 30 yards.